Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Starting to enjoy the game again

The poker feeling is starting to come back again. For the last couple of days I have played my poker with a clear head and full of positivity and all of a sudden it becomes an easier game.

There has been nothing exceptional to write home about. I finished 15th in the £12k last night for £120. Got short in the first hour, recovered to a nice stack, blew half of it trying to push someone off trips with 32, but generally enjoyed the game. A bit of luck in the final stages and I could have done well. I just never got above the 20k mark to really make a go at winning it.

I made the final table of the $3k on Monday night, again not much than a £100 return, but it was nice to get that final table feeling again.

The only other two games I played I went out with KK to AA.

My STT challenge was starting to look good, after my initial 2nd place to break the super tilt, I then won my next game a £20 STT. I thought I would keep this run up and found a nice $60 STT to play. 3 levels in we were down to 5 players, I had doubled my chip stack and was sitting in second place and controlling the table, it was very comfortable.

Then I got dealt pocket Kings, under the gun, I raise to 150 (blinds 25/50), the player to my left goes all in for 670 chips and then the chip leader moves all in also. Standard isolation play I am guessing, unless they were buddies. Short Stack has A6, fair enough there was 225 in the pot, worth making a move. Our chip leader has 78 off suit. Even if out short stack hits an ace, I am losing 670 to him, but making 1500 from the chip leader.

Flop 456. Out in 4th. What on earth can you do about that. The only consolation is that from having 80% of the chips in play, the 87 man still managed to only come 2nd.

Disappointed that I did not make Super Hot at first attempt, but I will try again. I need to get my Sharkscope stats up by £400.

Tonight, I am definitely playing the £12k on Littlewoods as well as the Winners Choice tournament on Littlewoods. I have got a plan of action in place again, so this has given me more focus.

I would however like to get back in the Winners Enclosure, that I feel is not too far away.

Whilst I am on, I would like to wish all my dream team buddies success in Monte Carlo, four of the team are out there, it would be wonderful if one of them can do something special – Good Luck guys.


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Anonymous said...

Great blog Clint.

I've played with you on Littlewoods a fair few times and respect your play greatly.

I just saw you play a hand in the £12k (Weds 28th) and would appreciate some explanation.

You were short stacked in late position with about 1300, blinds 75/150.

You flat called on the button or the CO and Dewicool, another player I respect, pushes all in immediately from the BB. The limpers fold and you insta-call. He shows 55 you show JQ s and hit the straight.

As it it turns out it was the 'correct' call, with regards to pot odds, but i am stumped as to the logic of this play. Did you have a specific read on Dewicool?

Please note I'm not berating or belittling your play; I'm just genuinely interested in your logic behind the whole hand.

Any answer is muchly appreciated and eagerly anticipated.