Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Dortmund Countdown

Its definitely starting to come together!
Another good performance last night, this time 17th in the £12k. I crashed out when my KK ran into that monster of Q7 spades.

The chip leader raises from the cutoff, I think I can call and then get him to bet into me.

Flop is T high with 2 spades. I change my mind and bet out not wanting to give odds for flush and he goes all in. He does have the flush draw. The turn pairs the board. Which means he only has 7 outs on the river, which of course he hits one of them. A win there would have put me onto 50k in chips and in the top 3.

Frustrating of course, but another good night. Again I believe I played well, I potentially made one mistake earlier when raising with AJ and being called by the big blind. I had been particular aggressive the four or five hands prior to this and was now chip leader. The board came J high but all hearts. I bet out to take the pot there and he went over the top with a check raise. It was only another 4k to call and it would leave me 15k back if I called, the pot was already 11k. I felt it could be on the draw, so I called with those good odds. He had AT of hearts and already made the nut flush.

Two decent performances in the last two nights, my confidence is growing slightly and at the right time.

The Littlewoods lobby has become filled with World Series competitions, which is great news. However anyone who wins the tournament will win a cash prize. I am really not sure how many people after winning $12k in cash, will then give that up to enter the World Series. I really don’t think I could!
If this is the same for all on line sites then the World Series numbers are going to be considerably down for the main event this year.

1 day to go to Dortmund and one fact I did not realise, it will be the biggest EPT event to date. I am eager to get playing now. Friday at 2pm cannot come soon enough from a Poker point of view, but I am very much looking forward to a few days off work!


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snoopy1239 said...

Hi, what's your real name so I can follow your progress on the live updates?

What day are you playing?