Monday, March 12, 2007

Back to Business

I got back online on Sunday night, with the aim of repeating my final table feat in the £40k last Sunday.

First up though, there was a $77 World Series qualifier to the $500 event later that night. I was happy to win this and take my seat in final.

The final started terribly!
AA first hand, what was I saying about wanting good hands. I reraise an early raiser which he calls. 3 clubs on flop, I have none. I bet he calls. Turn is a blank I put a big bet in after he calls. River is 4th club, he is all in. I have to fold. I lose half of my chips.

I recover to a good position when I am dealt 88. I raise to 4 xBB, three callers and big blind goes all in. I am convinced it’s a squeeze play and go over the top, I have him covered by 1000 chips. The others fold. He turns over AK. Much better than expected, but I am still a small favourite. An Ace is the 2nd card out and ruins that. I then lose another race and am out of the competition.

The £40k started slowly and I only doubled my stack to 5000 after 2 hours, when my TT beat AT with a ten on the board.
I had a great piece of fortune when my AQ in big blind, tangled with KK on the button. I managed to hit two Queens and marched onwards. I managed to make the money for the 2nd week in succession and 5th time in 8 appearances this year. I was towards the bottom of the leaderboard when there were 31 left. 30th is double the prize money of 31st so maybe not the best move, but I moved in with AJ clubs. I was called by 77. An ace on the flop was great, a jack on the turn was nice, but the seven on the river was sick!

Still a positive start back to online play.
I do not have too many aims for the moment regards online play. I just want to spend some time working on my game.
Littlewoods are generously offering £100 for 1000mpps this month. I have generated 500 in the last two days of play, so I am aiming to generate the rest over the next few days. I am going to hone some skills in the small cash games as well as some of the sit and go’s.

My live poker aims, revolve around winning something for the World Series and trying to get to the Luton and Nottingham GUKPT and GBPT events respectively.


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kp nuts said...

Hi Clinton, it's been a while, I don't play on crypto at all these days. If I may make a suggestion regarding your exit hand (and I haven't read any of the previous comments, just your reply), I agree you pretty much have to play against button from small blind with the 76. I would think stop-and-go a better play though than shoving pre. You have zero folding equity pre, IMO. I would suggest calling for flop, then slowly and smoothly slide the rest of your stack over the line. He just might fold the J9! Keep up the good work :)