Saturday, March 10, 2007

EPT Dortmund Day 1b

At 3.45pm German Time, my first taste of the European Poker Tour took place. Was due to start at 3pm, but as I mentioned before the organisation was not good all week.

There were 257 players today, making the total just short of 500, but still a EPT record.
The whole building was full of big names and it was certainly going to be an interesting day.

Tisch (Table) 11 seat 3 was to be my home for most of the day, at least until level 7 when I moved to table 13 seat 3.

On my table the biggest name was Ram Vashwani in seat 7. I was delighted with this as it meant the table would be full of action, waiting to pay off all the big hands I was going to get.

Although he did not last long and was 2nd out of the 257 at the start of level 2. Raising all in with A5 on a Q235 board. The other guy had 33.

Level 1. Start 10000 chips, end 9875. A fairly uneventful level for me, lowest was 9700 highest 10300. I had one had of note QQ in the small blind, after about 20 mins, I reraised a raise from the cutoff and he folded. A premium pocket pair every 20 mins, that would be great 2.

Level 2. End 9925, I touched 11500 on this level. I hit AQ and raised with one caller. Flop was J high, I did a continuation bet and he folded. I also took a nice pot with AT, when the cutoff was trying to steal. I also had 88, but had to fold to two reraises and lost 500 when I flopped a flush draw

Level 3. End 9850. Nothing happened on this level, no cards, I raised a couple unchallenged with QT and KJ.

Level 4. End 8450. AK first hand, I raise and they fold. This is my only hand in two hours. I try to get involved with a few hand but to no avail.

Level 5. End 7775. I am starting to lose some ground. One hand of note AQ, again no action, as it was small blind versus big blind. I am going to have to get busy when the antes kick in next level.

Level 6. End 6050. I have never been so card dead.

Level 7. End 8100. Back on the road to recovery? I am still completely card dead. I have not had a pocket pair since level 2 and have not seen an ace since level 5. Chip leader limps into me on big blind I have 28. Flop 259. He bets 1000, I decide this is my time to make some inroads. I call. Turn T. He bets 2000, I move all in for my last 4800. He folds! Phew! Almost up to 10k.

Level 8. End 5700. I have moved tables. Level is now 300/600 plus Ante 75. I have no cards. I reraise all in with Q5 when button raises into me, he folds. I move all in with K7 on cutoff. Everyone folds. I just want any two cards to move all in.

Level 9. Its now 400/800 ante 100. I am in button, so I have a round to make my move. Hands are 53,42,54,64,43,75. All day long this has been happening. By time I get to the small blind, I have only 4200, although 500 of those are already committed and pick up the massive 76. It folds to the button, and he raises as I knew he would, I decide this is my moment and reraise all in. He calls with J9.

Flop 235. Any 7 any 6, any 4. Turn is an 8. Any Diamond will now also be a winning card. River is a King. Its game over and I make my exit. 87 players remain when I leave.

It was a great experience and will stand me in good stead for the future. I battled and fought as best I could. Two pocket pairs in nine levels, one AK and two AQs. That is not much to play with.

Thanks to everyone who supported me. I really appreciated the mention on the blondepoker site. Thanks for that. Unfortunately its time to get that early flight back home and concentrate on getting my World Series seat.

Take Care all


Anonymous said...

not good enough im afraid - why reraise 76o after a raiser - surely push with atc is far better with the chance to steal uncalled- what r u doing! sounds like u were far too reliant on cards rather than playing the players and other factors throughout the day.

AlexB said...

I shan't comment on your play mate as we all have our own games, but I am disappointed for you - sorry it didnt go your way THIS time! You WILL cash in a live event - I know you are capable and good enough to make a great show when your day comes. Enjoy the rest of your Dortmund trip. AlexB. (PS - Cracked the $100k cos you weren't in it lol)