Friday, March 30, 2007

The 10pm $3k tournament

I really believe I should just stick to this tournament, maybe they could rename it for me lol!

I have a 50% strike rate for reaching the final table, reaching the top 4 on 12 occasions.
Last night I reached my 3 consecutive final table, eventually losing in a heads up battle. I was dissapointed not to win, as my record in heads up is quite good.
I led the tournament from the first hand to the last three people.

When it got to heads up I was 75-45k behind, the guy I was playing hit a jack on the river to survive against me when 7 were left. I turned around the lead very quickly, but lost a lot of chips with TT to KQ. At the end I played a limp reraise, but unfortunately ran into JJ. Dissapointing but another $850 in the bankroll. 9th,3rd and 2nd in the last three nights, I will play it tonight, but dont expect anything, as I am going to do well in the £12k and £8k!

The debate on the QJ hand continues! Excellent to get so much response on this one. I fully except all the criticism and comments. I have to agree that I played it quite weak, but just some instinct alongside the pot odds told me it was right!

The last comment referred to being blinded away and not going out with a fight. I do agree with this sentiment. Whilst I was in Dortmund there was part of me that wanted to survive as long as possible. However I also was willing to put my chips in when it was possible. I was all in with 3 hands that I usually would not be. Due to the nature of the table, someone was all in everytime in the lasts 60 hands. Also the great thing about this game is that you are always learning. As I approach 2 years of playing the game, I have never stopped learning.

I need to get more live experience and that is my plan whenever I can. I have only played 6 big live tournaments to date and this is one area that by playing more, will help my all round game

Please keep the comments coming in and continue to share any advice you may have.


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