Saturday, March 31, 2007

5 final tables in 4 nights

2 more final tables last night, not the $3k last night, but the bigger £12k and £8k tournaments. Where is the leaderboard competition when you need it!

It was £480 return in both tournaments - 7th in the £12k and 5th in the £8k.

I do have a really good record at the end of each month, when I have not won much at the beginning. Its that look at the records and seeing a very small figure in the profit column that inspires me to do something about it. £960 last night and $1500 from the previous three evenings has helped address the balance.

A night off tonight as its my football clubs poker night. It won't be for large amounts of money, but I fully intend to win!


1 comment:

AlexB said...

Glad to see you coming back to form m8 - long may it continue :-)