Friday, March 16, 2007

Dream Team Update

After two awful weeks, the team had their second best performance of the season.
Once again it was Jamie 'FISHMAC' who is driving is us forwards, with another final table performance - this time finishing 4th, taking him into the top 20 on the individual leaderboard.

I am doing my best to support him, last night finishing in 26th. AT vs KQ - all in preflop. Between us we account for over 60% of the teams total points. Come on guys! There are severe bragging rights at stake here.

At the moment it is a case of badbeat or running into aces which is knocking me out. I did not make the £12k last night - internet issues, so I could not go for 3 successive cashes.
I played the £8k, finishing in the last 60, but with A9 on the button found AA in the small blind.

I played two smaller tournaments last night, one on sky poker. Just 90 left of the few hundred who started. I have KQ vs 78 all in after Q6T flop. Next two cards 78!
A futher smaller tournament on crypto saw me with AK on an AKJ flop. I am put all in by T9! 9 on the turn, 9 on the river! What can you do!

I also played the $77 WSOP qualifier on Littlewoods. There was only 14 people and 1 seat for Sundays $530 final. I played very aggressively and ended up winning this tournament. I was quite pleased with the way I played in this event. I do feel that I am playing well again and can accept the way I am going out of any event.

I am hoping for a few good performances tonight!

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