Wednesday, March 28, 2007

comment from tonights game

Not sure if this was a comment from Dewi himself! lol

Interestingly enough before tonight I read an article about Dewi on blondepoker and he was referring to his love of alcohol!

I have played Dewi many many times I also think he is an exceptional player.
Tonight though this was the circumstance. Early call from Jas in seat 2, he had just won 3 of the last four hands, so I felt his call was nothing to be concerned about. QJ hearts on the button for 8% of my stack it was worth a call to flop something nice.

Dewi then moved all in from the big blind with a massive overbet. 2000 chips into a 600 pot. He does not have a premium hand. He also knows that Jas would have called with little and I would have raised if I had a big hand, so by moving he was adding 25% to his chip count without showing his cards.

Dewi was in short stack mode, he had previously moved all in twice in the last two rounds, once unchallenged, the second from earlier position with just A8.

So I have 1220 left. I have a chance to move to 3040 with QJ hearts against a player who does not have a premium hand and is capable of making a move with any 2 cards, especially with the weak play in the hand to date.

Therefore in this circumstance, I felt that the 6-4 odds I was getting was the right odds to make the call.

I hope that explains my logic!

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Anonymous said...

Tough call to make, but dewi sounds like he played it trying to buy the pot. What did you put him on if not premium hand? Low/Mid PP. In your position i not sure i would of made the call as Similar thing happened to me Tue night on BETFAIR when in 16k. On SB (Blinds 200/400)and short stacked and flat called the extra 200 with 9d10d as did the serial raiser im mid pos, only for BB (FISHMAC) to come over the top with 80% of his equivalent short stack. Serial raiser folds and with only a 1000 of my stack remaining decide to make the call. Thought the call gave me the value so Im all in as pot committed then hoping he on small PP but ran into 1010 and i was out. No run for me unlike yourself. I believe he's in your dream team as I seen him on your blog a few times? From that double he was still sitting low stacked. With 35 or so remaining he was sitting 34th. I watched him all the way to the FT and was unlucky to finish 2nd. Discipline and Patience are the key and I hope from reading your blog i can educate myself to be as consistent as you and your fellow dream team buddies. Keep up the good work and i look forward to your future articles.