Thursday, March 01, 2007

Ept Dortmund Update

I have just had my starting date confirmed for Dortmund.
Its Day 1B Friday 9th March. 8 days time at 3pm, my quest for glory begins!

In other news Littlewoods have taken my advice and got a great new tournament starting, for those players like me that want to take part in more live events in the UK.

The details are listed below.

The Winners Choice tournaments offer a low cost qualifier to play in some of the biggest events in the UK. What's more, if you win the online qualifier, there's no need to be restricted to one live event, we give you the choice of where you want to play. Our recommended live events include the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour (GUKPT)

There will be a weekly final for £70 + £7 with one live package for every fifteen entrants. There's one package guaranteed!

Daily feeder satellites to this weekly final and STT satellites on the day will also be available so it's really easy to stake your claim.

How To Get There:
QUALIFICATION ROUTE £3 + £0.30 Daily THUNDER Sub-Satellites to Daily Satellite 6:45pm and 7:45pm (daily basis)
INTO £15 + £1.50Daily Satellites to Weekly Final 9:45pm Daily
INTO £70+ £7 Wednesday at 8:45pm 1 Prize for every 15 Entrie (Value £1050) 1 Winners Choice Prize Guaranteed



Anonymous said...

Good luck for Dortmund!
I have you down as one of the favourites to win. I will be seeing if I can get some money on you hopefully at about 40 or 50/1.
Have you any idea where the best odds will be? I looked on Betfair but couldn't see a market for it.

Also I noticed you mentioning a few days ago that you would be going back to Vegas this year and entering some of the other events. This is great news. I was wondering what the events will be. I hear there is a $50k HORSE event whatever that is. Are you entering anything as large as this or just sticking to the lower buy ins? I know there are a few $5k events you will probably be in so good luck in them.
One thing I found strange was that you may not enter the main event. Why is that? Is it because there are so many people in it (I think it had more than 15,000 players last year) so it is a bit of a lottery?
Anyway, well done and keep up the good work. Me and my mates enjoy reading your blog. We arn't at your level yet but are getting better every week. Hopefully we will meet on a table sometime in the future.

SWP - Southend

snoopy1239 said...

Good luck in Dortmund. Make sure that you tell Jen and NoflopsHomer (our live update team) who you are so I can follow your progress.



Anonymous said...

I would like to echo the comments above and wish you great success in Germany. A shot at one of Europe's top poker tournaments is something many of us can only dream about.

It’s great that Snoopy has posted and I really look forward to following your progress on Blonde. I have such a great feeling about this. Let me explain. The first blog I seriously got into was dpommo “just another poker blog”. Not sure if you are familiar with it but he was another up and coming internet star like you who blogged about his ups and downs. He then went to the EPT Dublin in late 2005 and finished about 5th .A great result for him and I followed his progress all weekend on Blonde. It was brilliant. The result eventually won him sponsorship with Virgin. Have you thought about sponsorship?

dpommo doesn’t seem to blog anymore and for the last year I have been an avid fan of your blog. There are so many similarities with dpommo (you seem destined for great success in this game) although he might be more of a cash player than you. So it would be fantastic if you could give me as much pleasure in Dortmund as dpommo in Dublin.

You strike me from your blog as being a very sincere, genuine and modest sort of guy. I’ve noticed from the EPT coverage on Challenge that a lot of the players seem to have big egos bordering on arrogance almost so I hope you can overcome this. I’m sure you will. Some of the “poker names” live and online are not half as good as their reputations. I was watching some old coverage the other night of an EPT Copenhagen event when Ram Vaswani finished 2nd. His heads-up play was incredibly poor and if he had been just an internet qualifier and not a “name” his play would have been rubbished.

So my advice (not that you need advice) is to take your natural game honed in the £15k etc and with a little bit of luck that seems to have deserted you so often in the past you will go far. Good luck Clinten!!

Oh, SWP above mentions there is no market on Betfair. I’ve just looked and there is a market now. I think you must be in the field which is a great shame because I would have loved a small wager.