Monday, March 26, 2007

Super Tilt to Super Hot

No I have not achieved that but thats the short term challenge.

I look at my Sharkscope stats over the weekend and was disappointed but not suprised by my records. I only play STT when I am limited by time and therefore do not treat them with the respect they require.

Somehow though I have managed to go 8 games without placing in the money, even if I am not taken it seriously thats still not good form, besides my stats say -£400 for profit, which is also unacceptable by even my relatively moderate ability.

The weekend was nothing to write home about. Two games on Friday - £12k was in the top five most of the tournament and then with 50 left, my KK gets beaten by T9. A 9TT flop did not help! I did manage the top twenty in the £8k, which was nice as at one point I was down to 116 chips! However, I got myself back into a position to win it, so it was ultimately dissapointing.

Saturday was just the £12k and I really should not have bothered. I was watching Casino Royale at the time, now they had some hands! Could I borrow one!

On Sunday I played the last qualifier for the £40k and won that, so I was in for just £12. (Here again though I recovered from 200 chips to 44000) I started really well, adding a 1000 chips in the first three hands. In level 2 though I had a SB vs BB confrontation. I had 55. I limped, he raised to 120 which I called (BB 30). Flop 344. Very unlikely he has hit that. I go for the check raise. I check, he bets 200 into the pot, as I hoped, plus the bet looks too big. I move to 500. He thinks and then moves all in for another 1100. I have him covered and would have 1100 back. I dont think he has hit the board, but there has to be a chance he has a bigger pair. I don't think the chances of the pair are bigger than the odds being offered, so I call.

He turns over A5 and hits a 2 for a straight, just great, I then get called a fish for my troubles.
I manage to double with AQ vs KQ, but go out with 55 (hand of the night!) to 22. Board was 234.

I also had the WSOP final on Sunday night, but that did not go to plan. I was short and moved with QJ with a Q high board, other guy had two more queens - c'est la vie.

I have just seen the dream team table and at the half way point we are up to 5th place. We are currently sorting out our 4 players for the live final. I have lined up Jamie 'dream team specialist', Onny'flying out to Monte Carlo as we speak for the EPT grand final' and Heffernan'Aussie Millions Final Tablist. With one more place to sort out, we do have a great team.

Just worked out that at least four of my team are playing the EPT Monte Carlo this week! Time to start playing better I feel!

Focus. That is the problem, I tried some fixed limit last night for an hour, one STT which I finished second QQ to K2. Two more twos! At least I am off of Super Tilt and reached 1 consecutive cash!! I am though just playing random events.

As of tonight, it is back to the planning and playing for a purpose. I will continue my STT challenge whilst putting together a tournament plan. April needs to see me back playing and playing properly. I miss my second income!


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