Sunday, March 11, 2007

Proof that I was there

Just a quick picture to prove that I was in Dortmund.

Thanks to Snoopy and the team at blondepoker for this. They do a great in running commentary of whats happening, so always worth checking out.

Despite having more than my starting chip count at this point 10350 (I know it doesn't look very much - the blues are 1000, reds 500), I am looking fairly bored!

I am hoping that Littlewoods got a new picture for me, they have been using the Caribbean Poker Classic 2005 one for too long now!


1 comment:

Spartan said...

Unlucky mate,
Any chance of letting us know how many chips you had on your final hand what cards he held and what was the flop turn and river.
Thanks and better luck in future events.