Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A Live Win

As promised I managed to win the local football team poker match. I needed a little help on the river with the final card mind! AT vs QT all in pre flop, with me having a 60-40 chip lead.
A queen came on the flop, but an Ace on the river. Phew!

I still see a number of people that complain about online poker and the randomness of the cards.
Well in this one live game, I saw a two outer hit 3 times on the river. One hand with four players in that had two sets and two straights. A flop of 888, when someone held K8. Someone else lose to running tens. Live poker can be as sick as online poker at times.

I have not played barely at all since Friday as I have been hit by some bug, that has made me feel like I have been hit by a truck. I do hope to play again soon.

Two great pieces of news today from Cryptologic.

1) The Caribbean Poker Classic is alive and well and will be held again in 2007.
2) The Golden Cup Series of Poker (GCSOP) is to be held across Crypto from w/c 4th June

Full Details below

The £500,000 GOLDEN CUP SERIES OF POKER (GCSOP) is a one-week event consisting of seven separate poker tournaments, beginning on Monday, June 4th and running through to Sunday, June 10th.
Win a piece of the £500,000 guaranteed prize pool and take part in one of the most anticipated Hold’em series online this June...the GCSOP.
The GCSOP offers a range of buy-ins in No Limit and Fixed Limit Hold’em to meet the hearts of online players at all levels. Additionally, players will get triple chips (4500) for the preliminary events, with 10,000 chips for the final event. Blinds will increase every 20 minutes for preliminary events, and every 30 minutes in the £1000 Golden Cup Final.
In other words, there will not only be tremendous value for players, there will be plenty of play with a ton of room to manoeuver!
Best All-Around Player (BAP)
The top 15% of finishers in each of the seven tournaments will earn points towards the Best All-Around Player (BAP) awards. $30,000 in cash and prizes will be given away to the top four BAPs!
$10K CPC packagePLUS $5000 cashPLUS the Golden Cup award
$10K CPC package
$4K CPC Lite package
$1000 cash
The BAP will be determined using our tournament points system which considers tournament buy-in, number of entrants, and of course, individual finish in that event. Results will appear the following day in the poker lobby area.
BAP Points earned = Tournament Points x Buy-in.
BAP Points are only awarded for the June 4-10 finals.
The GCSOP recognizes excellence in tournament play.

This is the first time this has been bought to crypto so enjoy it.

Littlewoods are once again offering £100 for 1000 MPPs this month, so make the most of that. No Codes necessary.

Once you have done that you can also get the same from UK Betting and $50 from DTD for 250 MPPs but you will need the code DTDAPR.

Betsafe have a bit worse value but you can get $500 for 3500 Mpps.


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