Sunday, April 29, 2007

Losing Patience

This week I have found myself not playing to my best and this has been due to not being as patient with the game.

When I play I am probably playing too many games, which restricts any edge I might have. Also I am fully expecting to lose when my chips go in. When you lose to runner runner twos and you call it in advance you know its bad!

Still that being said I managed four final tables in the last few days, including a nice payout in the $50k guaranteed on the playtech software (although not having antes in play is a bit odd).
I also qualified for the $530 WSOP final today, but that seems to have been cancelled and money funded to my account.

I have had a decent week though, suprisingly mainly due to some cash games I have played.
One thing that has been enjoyable is actually spending any money won! It certainly feels better when you have something to show for any winnings. A laptop for the missus and 10 days at the Bellagio paid for. Yes spending the money is definitely the way forward.

Right whats to play for at the moment.

Well I must admit I am not a big fan of the changes at crypto with the guarantees. The £12k is now the $20k for the same price, so thats £2k gone. The £8k is now the £6k, another £2k gone, whilst the £4k is now the $7k, so another £500 gone. It seems that as everyone is increasing their guarantees, Cryptologic are lowering theirs - whats going on!

Also the latest Leaderboard tournament, (I am very happy to see that St.Kitts is back on the agenda this year, it is a great occasion and one that everyone should try to qualify for) there is a weekly stt for the top six MPPs earned, three for the most pts in tournaments and one for the £40k winner. The winner gets a CPC lite seat. Well having every single tournament counting towards points, as well as having the top MPP earners, is just rewarding those who can play all day long and does not encourage people to play more, we need more players, the last leaderboard structure was much better.

I do like the look of the Golden Cup, I just need to qualify for them!

I will do an update with any May bonuses, but heres some tournaments to look out for.

Crypto wide.
Mon 30th April $1k free for just 1MPP. This is a terrible value tournament, with over 2000 players already registered - give this one a miss.

The £40k every sunday. Crypto could really do with getting this back up to £50k or $100k.

Golden Cup 4th June to 10th June, this has qualifiers every day and looks well worth taking part in.

Every Wednesday - Winners Choice tournaments. This tournament gives you the chance to win a £1000 seat in any UK event, plus £200 in expenses. This is a great little tournament, that just needs 10 to run. Its costs £70 and is well worth it, whenever it has run it has had between 10-13 players. Check this one out.

There is a great poker chip set available through Playboy (as well as other things!) They have three freerolls a week, one on a Tuesday and two on a Thursday, where they give the chance to win money and points. Never many in it, might be worth a look.

Dusk till Dawn
Every Sunday at the moment there is a $1k GTD for just a $1. There was only 35 players last week, worth checking out.


Every Sunday they run a Passport Stamp, this is similar to the Winners Choice on Littlewoods, it costs a little more $165, but has a slightly bigger prize $3k. If you can stand the software, its worth checking out.
There is also a freeroll with Poker Player magazine on the 13th May.


Still great value the $100k tournaments are going strong, I don't know why I don't play these more!

Blue Square.

There is a freeroll tonight, which gives you a free bet for just taking part.
There is a $50k GTD rebuy every Friday, which is well worth it, as well as a $250K Gtd at the end of the month.

Sky Poker

They are running another Primo event on the 1st June, it has doubled in price £55 to £110, but they have doubled in prizes - £25k to £50k. I played in the one last time, whilst I lost out with a flopped set to a higher flopped set, just outside the money. This is a sixpack tournament, well worth playing as the standard was not great.


They are running a $100k GTD tonight, it clashes with all the other big tournaments, so there may be some value.

Poker Stars.

These guys are supporting the Amateur Poker Tour (APAT), they run a tournament every two weeks where you start with 5000 chips. Well worth having a look at. There is a link on this blog.

Crazy Poker

These guys are running a $200k GTD tonight, for just $50, it is a rebuy, but well worth the effort. This moves to $250k GTD next week.

Full Tilt

Bracelet Race. This is a good one for me, as I am not playing the main event (WSOP) this year, but one or two of the smaller ones. This gives 2 $1.5k seats and starts at 6.30 for just $75


They are joining in the $100k GTD scene, with theirs at 7pm, no ideas on numbers.

Poker Panthers

Also another 100k this time in Euros, a 6.15pm start for them, 200 Euros the entry.

I have also found out that during my stay in Vegas, it coincides with the Bellagio Cup. They have events on every day and this is something I fancy a shot at.

Right time to plan the week ahead!

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