Thursday, April 26, 2007

KQ off the new nuts

Down to the last 30 in the £12k last night and I saw two amazing deicisions with KQ off suit, one of them taking me out in the process.

We were in level 9 and the blinds were 200/400 antes 50.
The first example was UTG raised to 1200, 2nd position reraised to 7000 and all in. Both players had been reasonably tight all game. Then the guy in 4th position calls half his stack with KQ. UTG folded and he was up against JJ and won.

The next was my demise, loose player with 10k bets 1200 on the button. I look down at AJ diamonds and move all in with 9k. I think its a blatant steal attempt, so I will prevent that happening again, by defending and I have a decent hand if called. He thinks and then calls me for almost all his chips with KQ. I have to say I am happy but shocked when he calls, especially when two more diamonds hit the board, but a queen ruins the day.

Apart from a complete bluff, I am not sure what he was beating, but c'est la vie. I now have to reevaluate the mixed marriage holding and question is this the new rockets!



Anonymous said...

hi clint - i asked you a while back what your favourite cheese was but you didnt get back to me on it :( - please do!.mine is mini babybel,thanks in advance.

ClintonO said...

Thanks for your question, it is not something I have given a great deal of thought.

Whilst I accept that mini babybel is clearly an enjoyable eat and also brings in that element of fun to the cheese occasion, I would have to vote for some melted emmental over a warm ham baguette, or even over a bowl of nachos.

I hope that answers your question and apologies for not responding sooner.