Wednesday, April 25, 2007

£12k efforts

I have played the £12k for the last two evenings and have had a pretty good run both nights.

On Monday, I finished in 11th position (for the 4th time - that joins 1st and 15th as the position I have finished in the most!), winning £120.

I took a gamble calling a short stack with A4 with 12 players left, which I thought it was an any two cards move, he actually had 88 and that rightly held up. With 11 left and only 10k in chips, I moved with AT and ran into 77 and unfortunately despite hitting a Ten a seven ended all hopes.

Last night I finished just out of the money. I was short stacked for the most of the 2nd and 3rd hour. I fought and battled for whatever chips I could get. I finally got my chips moving when my AK beat KQ, and then next hand I had JJ and got all 6k+ in the middle against AT. The eight high flop was looking great, but a Ten on the turn and another Ten on the river arrived, a little bit harsh I feel!

I also booked my trip to Vegas last night, prices have been gradually increasing, so I decided to get in before the rush.
Its not the rio or the main event this year, but I have booked myself into the Bellagio. I have a wedding to attend, a lot of fun to be had, plus a serious amount of poker to play and to be honest I cannot wait. It is time to win some money playing live after all!


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