Sunday, April 22, 2007

Responding to criticism

Apologies for not updating my blog, I truly have been snowed under with work, both in my day to day job and also with future plans that I have.

One thing that makes this game of poker so special, is that everybody has an opinion, you can be sure your right and somebody else can think the same and at the end of the day who is to say who is correct.

I have not played anywhere near enough as I would like over the last two weeks, but when you want to get on and you also have a young family, somethings got to give, at the moment its the poker.

Taking on board some of the comments of late. The first was reference a WSOP qualifier, where I raised with A9 and was reraised all in. I called about 2/3rds of my chips and was up against JJ and hit an Ace. Quite simply I got lucky. If I had known he had JJ, I would not have called. But then if I knew he had JJ, I would not have raised him in the first place.

There are sometimes you have a feeling that a play is right, nothing scientific, not a read, but it just felt right. This was one of those occasions and I got lucky. It is not a usual play by me, but if you play the same way all the time, then you will be figured out far too quickly.

The next comment was from David. David, my blog is purely a tale of my journey in the wonderful world of poker. I try to share my learnings, success and failures in the hope that I can encourage other players to play the game, improve their game and ultimately end up feeling as much for the game as I do. If Mike really does read this blog, then I am flattered. I have played at the Palms but not in the ultimate poker challenge.

The final comment is in reference to a thread started on the betfair forum, where a number of people have decided to pass a few comments on me.

If possible I would like to say a few words on this. Firstly I have no issues with anyone commenting on me, anything that is constructive and I can learn from is greatly appreciated, any critiscism as I have said, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

STTs - My stats are poor, they are there for all to see, I do not hide them, with rakeback I am in a minor profit over 1000 games. I do not take them as seriously as I should and that is my failing. I am confident that I could make a small profit at this game with the right dedication, but certainly no where near some of the profits that a lot of people are making.

Online names - I have one name ClintonO, that is it, I do not play under any other names. On some sites there may be a slight variation (Pokerstars - ClintonOh), but they are almost identical. I do not feel the need to hide my identity, as if you know who you are playing, then I need to improve to beat you. By keeping only the one name, it forces me to get better.

Playing for a career - I have made some good money from playing MTTs, but there are so many better players than me out there. I am still learning the game, a game that I enjoy and of course it would be great to do, but realistically, it is a fantastic hobby that has really helped me with extra income, meet some fantastic people and shown me a whole new world, but at the end of the day, there are other things that I am better at.

Live Cash - Unless you count a 5th place in a MTT at the Monte Carlo Hotel in Vegas, then no I do not have one! I would love to cash and it remains on my objectives list. My next attempt will be in one of the $1500 events at the WSOP. I am not playing the main event this year, as a close friend is getting married in Vegas in June and that is more of a priority.

Littlewoods Legends - This was an idea that I had to try and encourage more people to play the game of poker, get more people experiencing live events and use it as source of knowledge - a training camp if you like where those more seasoned players could pass on their learnings. I asked Andy to get involved (007apr) because he is one of many people who has helped me develop my game. I also felt that by getting a team of people together, then it would help the experience and also meant that when you got to a live event, there would be team members there that could advise you what to do and help you relax when you play live for the first time.

It was an idea that I started putting into place at the end of last year, I started a web site, as I got further down the road, but it was something that I put on the backburner as I have other ventures on the go that take priority.

It is my intention to do something within the world of poker, which ultimately will be there to help and enhance peoples enjoyment of the game. I will be involved in a couple of ventures that will start over the next few months, I will share this with you as they get closer to launch.

I do not claim to be a legend of the game in terms of playing poker and I never will be. If however I can continue be successful that would be fantastic. My main aim is to provide for my family, enjoy my life, enjoy this great game and help others whereever I can.

I hope that you can continue to enjoy this blog, please offer advice or criticism where you can and please say hello when you see me on the tables! Good Luck to one and all.

Clinton O


Anonymous said...

Hello Clinton. "Responding to criticism" I think this post is a waste of your good time mate. We all know poker is a game where decisions are crucial within a game. Make the wrong one and you are out. Everyone makes mistakes/ bad calls but thats what makes the game so great. We can all look on our calls in hindsight and establish whether it was the correct call or not but the important thing here is whether most of your calls are the correct ones. I believe that you do and that is backed up by your consistant high performances. Any doubters then i suggest you have a look at the dream team 2 results week by week on Every week Clinton puts in a solid performance and as team captain has set the tone for the rest of the team to achieve. Clint remains in the top 10 of the individual leaderboard which is a fantastic performance considering there has been 16 weeks play so far. So a message to all you doubters, critics " You are all Muppets" Clint is a legend on and off the tables and if you dont agree do yourself a favour dont waste yours or clints time.

Clint, keep up the good work mate and see you on the tables.


Mark said...

Hey Clintino, know what you mean about feeling right in a hand... many a time I've been a 40/60 or 30/70 in a hand and turned round to Mrs Plan3t Gong to say, 'no problem, queen on the turn!'.

Of course the stats never lie at the end of the day but when you are feeling good the cards appear to fall into place for you... a quirk of human perception perhaps? Brunson called it 'Riding your Rush' I believe...

Enjoy the blog very much, no critism required here.

Cheers, Mark