Friday, April 06, 2007

So close to two in two

Five tournaments played tonight, two final tables and 23rd in the £12k, not a bad effort.

The main tournament of the night was the Bad Beat Dream Team, where after being right amongst it two weeks ago, we had a bad week last week, when half the team were away.

Tonight it was not looking too hot with just me left and 3 of the bottom with 32 left.
I fought my way up the leaderboard and ended up on the final table with a nice chip lead. After a slow start the final table exploded.
I ended up heads up 100k - 150k with the blinds just at 1500/3000.

The heads up was a real battle, I took the lead back in hand one, and then got 180k - 70k in front.
I made a couple of mistakes at this point, not putting in a river bluff to back my previous bets and then not reraising when my I believed my middle pair was good. Problem was with blinds so high I believed I could win.
After playing for an hour, we ended up all in I had KJ and was up against 99, unfortunately I lost and left myself with 20k. I managed to two double ups and was back in it with 120k, when I had JJ. At this point it was really heating up, if he had any sort of hand he was moving.

I raised with JJ, as he had a tendency to go over the top of me, he did as usual reraise, I moved all in and got called with 66. No 6 for the game, but alas there it was 2nd card out.

2nd place and 5000 pts for the team alongside almost $700 for my efforts. The good form continues, just a shame it was not another win.


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