Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Who reads my blog?

A break from the world of poker for the moment, lets find out a bit more about you!

I was intrigued to find out who reads this blog, so if you do, please let me know, tell me who you are, what you do, why you read it and anything you would like to see on here or that I can help you with.

Here is what I have managed to find out so far.
This blog has been read in 33 countries in 2007 - Belgium, Ukraine and Estonia are the last three countries to join the list.

The top ten readers of this blog are as follows.

1) UK - London, Oxford, Solihull, Glos and Nottingham (top 5 regions)
2) Norway
3) Canada
4) US
5) Ireland
6) Denmark
7) Spain
8) Hungary
9) Sweden
10) Germany.

France are just outside the top ten!

My blog's readers are increasing, with increases month on month since I have started monitoring it at the start of the year.
April saw a 14% increase in unique numbers from March.

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FISHMAC said...

Clinton my friend. I see Surrey didn't make top 5 regions. Is that because we to posh to be reading poker blogs? hmmmmmmm

I am a fan of the blog even if its only for a glimpse of my poker alias getting a mention. lol
Did i mention it was a good read too? Thats a retorical question clint so no need to respond.

So i will post the 1st reply from a little place called "WALLINGTON" in "SURREY". Some might class it as being London as it is located in a London Borough but my address would have something to say for that!


AlexB said...

Oh well Scotland failed to make the top 10 - I guess that wee place just above England doesn't yield much in the way of anything including blog readers lol!

Been reading for well over a year now as I think you're a nice bloke and you were a great help and a good laugh in Vegas - plus I like anyone who has a cat, even if it is called Henry (-:

And at 15 miles past Inverness in a qaint village called Muir Of Ord, I must be your northernmost UK follower!

Mark said...

Regular Hungarian reader here... well actually I'm English but based in Budapest. Keep up the great blogging!

Cheers, Mark

chopp11 said...

Hampshire calling.
I have read your blog for the last 8 months. I enjoy it as your are honest and the information is great, I like the info on Sunday tourneys cant wait to play a few.
I am a small stakes cash player on William Hill and larger tourneys but as you mentioned WH GTD tournaments are getting smaller.
Keep posting