Sunday, May 13, 2007

$20k Guaranteed Winner!

Dear Clinton,

Thank you for participating in the tournament "$20K Guaranteed SAT 4715724", on May 12 2007 11:44PM GMT. Congratulations! You placed 1st and won 6000.00 USD!

My 5th win in the Littlewoods main daily event. Incredibly the time I won it was the same as my first two titles. 00:44. It was destiny!

I had never got going in this tournament all night and had always been towards the back of the field. Approaching the final table I moved up a little but was pratically last when the final table was decided.

G@briel 117,023
Bountyboy 92,218
Trikky 48,997
Lee27015 48,571
Micdav001 37,617
wingwong 34,496
HotTub2 32,095
ClintonO 29,603
Hood69 28,660
Bouffard 28,218

Lots of work to be done and with only $400 for 10th and $6,000 for 1st, a big difference in prize money.

Its was 36 hands before we lost anyone bouffard losing all in with A9 against A8. In that time I had taken down 4 hands and had moved my chips up slightly to 32k.

3 hands late a bizzare hand, my 42 was in the muck, wingwong moves all in with 22k (Ah,9c) HotTub2 goes all in for 52k (7c,7d) and Bountyboy calls with (Jh,Jd)
Flop comes 555 and the turn is a further 5, giving wingwong, quads with an Ace kicker.
HotTub goes out and wingwong moves up to 71k.

We lose Lee in 8th place and as short stack I make my move.
I am dealt my best hand in ages (Js,Qc) and move all in and I am up against (Tc,Td). Its a race.

Board As, 3s, Ts. Its all over he has trip tens, but wait I have the flush on. Turn 7h, River 8s!
Fantastic, I survive and move up to 42k.

wingwong and Hood go next and its down to 5.

G@briel has been bullying the table 214k. Bountyboy 131k, Trikky 91k, ClintonO 49k, Micdav 12k.

Micdav despite doubling twice goes next and then a decisive hand for me.
Bountyboy has 42k and I have 40k. Blinds are 3/6k and he goes all in UTG, I have KQ and decide that I have to make and stand, he had KT and I double up and shortly after we are 3 handed.

I then win my second race of the night, with my TT beating Trikkys AJ and we are heads up.

Gab has 371k, I have 126k. I have won my previous 4 heads up in this tournament, so I am quietly confident and also have nothing to lose being such a long way behind.

The Heads up lasted for 67 hands.

The first 20 hands not much happened, I took one pot of 38k with a 6h,3s bluff, lost a 49k with bottom pair.
My stack fluctuated between a low of 55k up to about 145k. At one point, the board was a straight flush in order!

----- RIVER ----- [Jh Th 9h 8h][7h]

G@briel: shows [2c Qd] (Straight Flush, Jack high)
ClintonO: shows [8c 4d] (Straight Flush, Jack high)

At 55k I won 13 out of 16 hands, to double my stack.

After 50 hands it started to get a little looser, we both ended up all in with A7 to a split pot.

Here are the last 14 hands. Blinds 4k/8k

Hand 54 (9d,9c). 105k vs 391k. I call the 4k, hoping for a raise, he checks. Board (8s,Jc,Th) I have a open ended straight draw, he checks, I bet 16k. He moves all in, I have 80k back. He has been aggressive all night, he could have missed, he could have a part of it, but I decide I definitely have 8 outs x 2 cards, plus the other two nines, roughly 40% if he has a jack or a ten, with 80k to win 130k. I have the odds, I call. He had (Tc,4s), I am behind, but a Q on the turn gives me my straight and I am right in it.

Hand 55 (Kc,Kh) 211k vs 286k. A monster hand at last. He calls from the small blind, I raise to 24k, he calls. Flop 6h,4h,7c. I bet 32k he moves all in, its an instant call for me. He turns over J7. Turn is a 3, river a King. I have doubled again.

Hand 56 (4s,Tc) 422k vs 75k. I call, he checks. Flop 472, I have second pair, he checks, so I bet 16k. He moves all in for 66k. Its 50k to call, I have second pair, I call mainly because the rush has taken over me, he has J7 again, but wins this time. I overplayed it, but second pair heads up is not a bad hand. I was trying to end it too quickly.

Hand 57 (As,9s) 348k vs 149k. I need to catch my breath. He folds

Hand 58 (Td,6c) 353k vs 144k. I see the flop, but miss, he bets out, I fold.

Hand 59 (Qc,4c) 344k vs 153k. He folds

Hand 60 (Qh,2h) 349k vs 148k. Again I am allowed to limp in and see flop, he bets, I completely miss.

Hand 61 (Kh,8h) 343k vs 157k. I call a raise, the flop is Jc,2s,2c. He bets out again, I decide to give it up

Hand 62 (As,8h) 323k vs 174k. I call, hoping for a raise. He checks. Flop 6,6,J. I bet he folds

Hand 63 (Th,Td) 332k vs 165k. My third decent pocket pair in ten hands, will this decide it. He moves all in!. I have to call. He turns over Ah 2d
Board Kh,4h,6c,6s. He comes the river he has 3 outs, Ad! SICK!

Hand 64 (Qs,5c) 167k vs 330k. Its all going wrong. I give up the hand after seeing the flop.

Hand 65 (2d,3d) 158k vs 339k. I call a raise, miss the board completely and am losing my grip on this game.

Hand 66 (2c,2s) 141k vs 356k. He moves all in and at this point I take my chance, he has As5c, Board comes 7c,2h,Jc. Its up for grabs again!

Hand 67 (Qh,Th) 282k vs 215k. He calls, I check. Flop 9c,2s,Js. Open ended for me. I check, he bets 8k, I call. Turn is the magic Kh. I check, he again bets 8k, I call. The river is the 7d. I bet 32k, trying to look like a steal, he moves all in. I call with the nuts. He turn over T8 for a lower straight and I win my title.

----- RIVER ----- [9c 2s Js Kh][7d]
ClintonO: bets 32000
G@briel: raises to 190204 and is all-in
ClintonO: calls 158204
----- SHOW DOWN -----
G@briel: shows [8h Ts] (A Straight, Jack high)
ClintonO: shows [Qh Th] (A Straight, King high)
ClintonO collected 430408 from Main pot

It feels great to be in the winners enclosure again!



F-Badger said...

I bet you are glad I was playing loose with about 20 left and doubled you up!!

well done from there in

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AlexB said...

Well done m8 - about time too (-: (btw busted 21st at GBPT)

dumbsmuck said...

Well played Mr O, out shopping for a new TV??