Saturday, May 19, 2007

A few days off, but another final table

The previous post related to the bad luck I was getting in one tournament on Monday, I did not manage to win that, but a 13th place and a cash was testament that you should never give in.

Tuesday through Thursday were nights off from poker as my work is relentless at the moment.
Last night though, it was a welcome night off and another attempt at the $20k.
I started fantastically well and was leading at the first break and the second. With less than two hundred players, the game was destined for an early finish.

After a couple of big losses, I scrambled onto the final table with only 11k in chips, 9th place was about 30k. I did however managed to finish 6th with a $1000 payout, I managed to get up to fifth place, when with A9, I got all my chips in the middle against 44. A nine did hit the board as well as and ace, but unfortunately a four, meant it was game over.

My leaderboard points will be well down this week, with only two nights, played out of five, but the aim is to finish the month in the top 50.



Anonymous said...

Hey ClintonO, just created a blog and was wonndering if you would be prepared to put me as a link. We've played a few tournys together (deno20) and would much appreciate it mate. My blog site is

Cheers mate

Anonymous said...

i luv u clinton!