Thursday, May 03, 2007

Stop Press - We have have reached Russia!

I am delighted to say that today my blog has reached Russia via a visit from Tomsk. Thats now 34 countries!

Thanks for your comments so far, although I would have to point out to Alex that Scotland is in fact part of the UK.



AlexB said...

Ok Ok so I had me not-paying-attention-to-detail head on (-:

Anonymous said...

Hallo clinton, my name is ivanov and i live in belgium. i originlly come from greenland where i used to work building igloos. business was slowing though with global warming and modern day woodan huts so i sold up and moved here. i now work in a chocolite factory which i luv as i get free choc when i wanna. i luv poker but only play very low stakes, i luv to read this blog and see how high stke people play as one day i would like with a bit of luck to play as often as u and others do, goood luck !

Anonymous said...

this topic is so damn dull. give it up

Anonymous said...

grand evenning clinto,
i will be reading you blog for last year from soviet onion. i am not happy you did no know of that.
i want you to know because my friends here read blog with me.
i will only play very hi low stakes becauseof exchanje rate but not winnin means suffer more in mines so i kepe normal no gambel.
if you win a big one pleease donate me money. my sister donated kidney to you country for 1000 pounds. that is lots here and saved her children.
good luck.

F-Badger said...

think it was probably me from estonia and latvia sorry to piss on your parade!

cheers F-Badger