Saturday, May 05, 2007

A really strange week

Before today my MTT form this week has been awful, I have been too quick to take down pots, trying to play 4 hour long tournaments like a STT. However my cash games have been nothing short of exceptional.
I have comfortably paid for my MTTs and posted a very tidy profit. It is possible that playing more cash games has interfered with my MTTs. Maybe you can't do well at both at the same time!

I have found though that I have been expecting to lose, when the chips are in, I can seem to call the cards that are going to beat me. I believe it proves the importance of confidence, when you think you are going to well you do and vice versa

Since the new leaderboards have started, I have not been able to do anything in MTTs, also my software now crashes every 30 mins! Not ideal.

Tonight though, finally my MTT game improved a little. 3 Final tables, an 8th, 4th and a 2nd. $1.5k, $2k and £1.5k respectively. The 2nd I started a long way behind heads up, got in front and then all the chips went in on a race. I could have avoided this and was frustrated that I did not win. £500+ was a nice reward though for these tournies and finally I feel a little relief that my MTT game is still there.

I have also played a few STTs today and managed to win both £50 6 packs that I entered. The £20 & £30s though I cannot master!

I am avoiding the online scene tomorrow to plough on with my poker ventures, but hope to get an opportunity to play on Monday.

Thanks for all the feedback

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