Sunday, May 27, 2007

Introducing POCCER

I have mentioned a few times in the past that my poker hours have been getting shorter and shorter due to the starting up of a couple of businesses. Well finally I am in a position to talk to you about one of them.

Welcome to POCCER. (

Poccer is a very simple concept, its designed around the ultimate day out. I have asked a number of pals to describe their perfect day out, most (there were a few odd ones, that I cannot publish!) were very similiar, a kick about with their mates, a few beers, a game of poker. Women were mentioned in a few, but that was out of hope more than anything!

From this moment, Poccer was born and work has begun to make it a reality. Its been a long time in the planning but finally I am happy to announce our first ever event.

Its only a small event in Birmingham, but I am trying to get together 16 teams (of 6) to take part in the first event. Details are on the web site (please excuse the site, I have created it myself for the moment, until the proper site is launched in July)

If anyone is interested in getting a team together or helping me in anyway, then please let me know. I am certain it will be a lot of fun for all involved. is the email address to contact me.


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EthanJohn said...

Attended and thoroughly enjoyed it - thanks to both yourself and your wife for your efforts...

...and apologies for any football/ adrenaline or alcohol fueled laryness. sorry! :)