Monday, May 07, 2007

Well I am not winning

But at least I am coming second.

Tonight it was a £1.5k event and it was worth £460, which all helps! Unfortunately KQ was no match for QJ!

They have started a leaderboard on Cryptologic for all of the poker tournaments, now there is no way I am going to be able to win this, because I can't compete with the full time players.

Last week I finished in 195th position with 330 points.
I am hoping to improve on this, after day 1 I have already achieved half of last weeks total and have 166 points.

For the month of May, I have moved up to 69th and 170th for the year 2007. It is difficult to set a target here, but a top 50 for the month, gets me in 2 cpc freerolls, so that seems like a good a target as any, plus a top 100 for the year, well I will give it a go.

I was due to start the Ladbrokes Poker Cruise tournament today, but got no notification that the team had been accepted, so we start week 1 with 0 points! That should not be too difficult to improve on!



Kenn said...

unlucky with the last hand mate. as longas you keep getting them in with the best you'll come out tops eventually

gl and keep the faith


Anonymous said...

It will take gr8 players to make top 3 in those tourny leaderboards!!

Just imagine if 3 from the same team were to do it!! How amazing would that be!!?

Legends if that happened, IMVHO ;)

Anonymous said...

I see another impressive night from your dream team albeit Onny only one in top 50 from your team. 7500 points for 1st place will be a big help to your leaderboard position.

Will we have the pleasure of your presence at the Live event Clinton? How do you rate your team chances at the final?

P.S hope SUN_DESHI is at live final because he is a lucky FISH! Definately some easy chips there!

Anonymous said...

mmmm.. SUN_DESHI "The lucky fish" will be there..

Easy chips maybe but i might get lucky against you. Only prob is i dont know who you are.

and I've also done ok from this game.. for a lucky fish that is.

good luck