Friday, May 11, 2007

Dream Team Update

Congratulations to Jonathan 'Onny87' who took down 1st place for the team last night in the Dream Team II tournament run by BadBeat.

After 17 weeks of the event (3 to go) we are sitting nicely in 4th place of the 32 teams and perfectly set up for the live final. We are a long way clear of 5th place, but a little way behind 3rd, so it looks like 4th place will be the finishing position, but this is far superior to the 12th we finished last year before winning the live event.

The key to the success so far has been a real team effort, no one player has been outstanding but 4 of us appear in the top 30 on the individual leaderboard.
ClintonO '10220pts' 10th
M.M.'8740' 18th
Onny87 '8580 19th
FISHMAC 7300 30th

I am also pleased to announce our team for the live event.

FISHMAC - Aggressive maniac, like a squirrel with his nuts, this boy gathers chips like no-one else, also our most consistent player.
Onny87 - Our new signing, last nights winner, fresh from the EPT Monte Carlo, the backbone!
Injustice - Mr SunDeshi, charming, witty and loveable, winner of the $20k on Wednesday. We almost lost him half way through the season, on fire at the right time.
Heffernan - The man himself, flying over from Germany for the occasion, our Aussie Millions 5th place finisher - Mr Hans Vogl.

Unfortunately I cannot be at the final due to a prior commitment in Barcelona, but it would be an amazing achievement to make it two wins out of two. Good Luck Guys!

In other news the blog has reached Croatia and now has visited 34 countries.



Anonymous said...

fishmac loooooooooool .truly awful player.

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Anonymous said...

FISHMAC- GR8 RESULTS, constantly making money!

1st poster, little jealous i think. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL