Friday, February 23, 2007

Getting back into the swing

I played two games yesterday the £12k and the Bad Beat Team Event.

I enjoyed the £12k, especially doubling up first hand 88 vs A5 on a 678A board.
I played well enough, laying down AQ twice when it recent weeks I probably would have gone bust.
I ended up in 42nd, losing two hands on the trot JJ to AK and then AK to JT, both all in preflop.
AJT flop was a bit nasty at the end. Overall I played well and felt my head was getting back into the game.

In the dream team I had my best performance of the season, finishing in 10th place, earning $60 but more importantly 1000 pts for the team.

After six weeks, we have moved up to 12th place and with two good weeks on the trot its starting to look promising.

The top 4 players in the team so far
Jamie 'FISHMAC' 2790
Clinton 'ClintonO' 2300
Martyn ' 50kinred' 1900
Desh ' INJUSTICE' 1400

Whilst I am writing I have doubled in the first hand in the £12k for the second consecutive night, lets hope it ends up better than last night! AA vs AQ.

I had a comment a few days back reference making deals on cryptologic. The few I have made have always been honoured by all players, it has to be done on trust and so far everyone has been trustworthy.
I made a deal on bluesquare a couple of weeks ago, whereby the top 7 paid £50 each to 8th place, however whilst 4 of them honoured the deal, 3 decided not to.
So all I can say is get as much information as you can from the players you are making deals with.


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