Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Day 1 of break

Well Day 1 of the break did not go according to plan.

I had already qualified for the Highrollers six pac £215 entry so I had to play it.
Six pacs tournies are not my game, I am still adjusting to the amount you have to play.

This tournament was a very slow structure, allowing lots of time to play poker.
I was a shortstack throughout, but hung on in there.
All of a sudden I was on the final table. The top three get paid. I was by far the smallest stack.

I offered the table a split with 6 players left and again with 5, but they declined!

I doubled up with AQ against AJ, 55 against 22 and 33 against AJ. 4 left and I was around 3rd/4th.

My 77 then lost to AJ and one of the other guys hit a two outer to survive.
After an hour with 4 players, finally it was down to 3 players. I had won £1360.
With 3 left I was in 2nd, the short stack moved in with 83, I had t8, and the chip leader 9T. The board was 68387. I had trips, leader straight, but amazingly shortstack had a boat!

I then lost a massive pot with 3 left, QJ hearts vs AA and it left me with 551 chips against 23k and 59k. I don't know how but I managed to finish 2nd and take home £2040.

The guy who won it was called montcarlo, I don't think I have played against him before, but he played very well and totally dominated the final table. I lost with AJ against 33 for the final hand, incredibly the hand that had kept me in it before.

Right as Ross from friends so famously says 'We were on a break!'
Well breaks like these I can do with more often.


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Anonymous said...


Well Done on your £2k.

I am sure u get the stats but just to let you know i am one of your readers and find your blog very good.

One thing I was wondering was u offerred to split.... is this possible on Crypto and if so how were u going to facilitate the transfer.

I play loads of STT's and once the fish were out of the way would be quite happy to chop with some of the regs but dont kmnow if its poss. let me know.

cheers F-Badger