Saturday, February 10, 2007

Leaderboard Update

4 days in and I am sitting in 74th position with 107.95 points.
One more cash finish to record, a 25th in the £12k on Thursday.

It would have been better but my AK lost to an AJ which hit a runner runner flush after a A hit the flop.
Aside from that my MTT form has not been much kop.

I was going well in the $4k last night but my Aces were cracked by fives.
I also managed to miss out on the GUKPT in Walsall by three places again, I am destined not to qualify for that. It becomes a total crap shoot towards the end. Three times in three hands I had my chips in with the best hand but lost everytime. AQ vs KJ, AT vs QT and 99 vs AK.

I have had some success though, so its not all doom and gloom. I won a highrollers qualifier and am in Mondays £215 final. I also won the EPT Monte Carlo qualifier earlier today for tonights final.

Amazingly I have had a fair amount on the cash tables. I dont usually play on there and have been playing at fairly low levels, but have somehow managed to add £1k to my profits for February through cash tables alone. All I can say is that some people have been very generous to me.

I have just under a month to sort my MTT form out before Dortmund. Although February has been good from a profit point of view, I am not at my best and I know it. I have too much else that I am thinking about and therefore I am only playing at about 70%.
I did not have a great February last year so I need to work on why.
Looking through my records, my hot period is August to January and then go cold from February to July, so thats not good!

Time to find my MTT form, now where did I put it!


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