Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Mid Month Leaderboard Day 1

Februarys Leaderboard competition is underway and all was looking positive until about ten minutes ago!

Today I managed a final table appearance, fifth in the £1.5k, which helps pay for a number of the leaderboard events. I also won the qualifier for the £12k quite comfortably.

So Event 1 Tuesday 6th February £12k 300 Entrants

A tough starting table with ThierryH, Animalgod and Stinger05 all present. I get absolutely nothing worth playing for 40 mins. Then the black aces in the big blind appear. Most fold until the loose fill_ivey calls, and animalgod in the small blind also. I raise it up and ivey comes along. A harmless looking board of K75 rainbow. I bet half the pot and get called. Turn is 3, I again lead out and he reraises for the rest of chips, he has less than me and its only another 400 to call. At this point I am not too worried. I dont think he has a set as he would have raised from the cutoff, two pair is unlikely, but possible, I have to call. He turns over 64 offsuit for the straight.

Well I have to admit I did not see that one coming!
I was left with few chips and pushed with QJ against 88, but an 8 on the flop put an end to tournament number 1. 207th place and 5 points. It can only get better!

As part of my tour at the moment, I tried a stop at Ladbrokes, what a waste of time! I entered a tournament to win a share in a racehorse. I then got a message telling me the site had packed in and no further poker would be played tonight!

Event 2 £8k 387 Players

I tried to play this far too quickly, playing many more hands than I usually do. I was making good progress until I lost half my stack calling an all in with AK and losing to 88. I regained my chip position and then managed to throw my chips away by being too aggressive with AK this time running into QQ and losing.

227th place and 2 points.
I was not happy with my game in the 8k, I was too tired to play it properly and therefore was overvaluing my high aces. I know its only day 1, but I am already not sure I have the stamina to play all the leaderboard games, I will see how I feel tomorrow.

Event 3 $4k 287 players.
Again I am playing a little too pacy, I move to 4k early doors, before falling back to 2k when I run into AA with AQ, again overplaying high Aces.
Hopefully I have now reset my image for the rest of the tournament! I actually won 8 hands on the trot at one point. I got back up to 4k and beyond. I eventually met my match when my QQ was beaten by AJ. Blinds were still only smallish, so again overplaying. I finished 103rd with 2 points. Giving me a total of 9!

I know that I am not on my game tonight, too much going on in my head to concentrate fully.
I am for some reason committing myself with almost everyhand I go in with. I would hope that tomorrow I can get back the discipline that is normally so good in my game. Just goes to show if you are not operating at your best, then there is really no point playing.

Still at least I have not done any worse in day 1 of the leaderboard in comparison to the last one!


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