Saturday, February 03, 2007

January Review

A good start to the year, but how did I do versus my objectives for the year!

Objective 1) Cash in major live event. Well EPT Deauville has become EPT Dortmund and this objective is still ongoing, as I have not played a major live event yet. I was hoping to get to the GUKPT in Walsall in February, but I have bubbled twice and lost with 88 tonight against A2 when ten were left and 7 seats.

Objective 2) Final Table in the £40k. I have not managed this yet but did reach 21st two weeks ago.

Objective 3 MTTS - Win 10 online tournaments in 2007 - January I recorded 2.
To cash in 20% of all tournaments played. I am currently hitting a very impressive 34% cash rate.
Make £40k in the year - January saw +£5k

Objective 3 STTS/CASH - I have hardly played any so I am not going to look at this yet.

Objective 4 Live Events.
My plan for the year is now
EPT Dortmund (replaces Deauville)
EPT Monte Carlo
GBPT Nottingham
EPT Barcelona
Aussie Millions.

I am trying to make the GUKPT in Walsall, but I keep falling at the final hurdle.

I have been pleased with my start to the year and the leaderboard competition was a very successful one.

February started okay tonight with a 13th place finish in the 12k, but I am ready to take on the crypto world in the leaderboard tournament starting next week.

See you all on the tables

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