Monday, February 05, 2007

Slowly coming back into form.

After a relatively quiet period of just ticking along. I can see signs that things are starting to click into shape. With the leaderboard competition starting tomorrow, I am quietly confident.
I equalled my yearly best position in the £40k with a 21st place last night and £300. Although I was in 8th place 5 minutes before I went out! I am destined never to hit that final table in this tournament.
I held AK suited on the small blind. Book from the cut-off had moved all in for half my stack. He had been raising a lot, but no-one was believing him, as he was reraised all-in every time, so he changed his tactic by pushing them all-in.
I had a decision to make, if I called and won I would be in the top 2, if I lost then I would be back in the pack. I decided that an all in move with the chips he had (28k into a 5k pot) then he was happy to take it down there and then and therefore had a mid/low pair or a high ace. As the worse I could be was 50/50 I made the call. He turned over tens and I did not improve.

A few hands later I had AK suited again, I raised from the cut off and the loose button came over the top of me. There was a short stack on another table (one more out and prizes moved from £300 to £450) with just 4k, but I had 6.4k invested of my 20k and the chance to win near enough 50k meant I went with it. Another race this time against queens. A flop with JT gave me two more outs, the turn gave me outs with the flush potential, but the river bought pain and the disappointment of going out 21st for the 2nd time in 3 weeks.

I had some success on the cash tables, I was experimenting on a low £1/£2 game and managed to win enough to pay for any entry fee I invested over the weekend.

I was running well in the DTD freeroll for a WSOP seat, down to the last two tables and I reraise all in with KQ only to be called with QT. They hit a straight! C’est la vie!

Congrats to Andy for winning the EPT Monte Carlo qualifier. Definitely need to get my act together and qualify for this one. I finished 13th in that qualifier, still not sure how someone instant called my reraise for nearly all his chips with K9, but it was too good for my 99.

I played the Mansion $100k Guaranteed over the weekend, the value there is incredible. $100 and 450 players entered. $55k overlay. This did not stop me crashing out very early though!

Despite just ticking along February has started well enough.
My priority for the week still remains with the GUKPT qualifier for Walsall (I will win this seat!), but with the Mid Month Leaderboard starting tomorrow, I have a lot to concentrate on over the next few weeks.


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