Thursday, February 08, 2007

Leaderboard Day 2

Day 1 was officially rubbish 9pts and joint 141st place.
Day 2 was going the same way until a final table in the $4k helped matters. Now 56 pts and 60th place.

I played in all 3 tournaments on Day 2.
The 8k was over with 15 mins. I had KK and ran into AA, fair enough it happens.
The 12k was dissapointing. I went out in 50th shortly before the points start getting interesting.
I was sat with KQ in the big blind. Mny75 was in the small blind and moved all in for a little less than what I had. He tends to play any two cards in that position, KQ is a favourite over most hands so I called. He turns over QT and of course hits the ten.

The $4k started well, KK in the first hand and I got someone to donate all their chips with second pair! I moved up steadily and a set of nines late on enabled me to be comfortable going into the last 30.
With 14 left I lost a big pot when my two pair lost to a gutshot on the river. I fought back to make the final table. With 9 left I was down to just 12k, blinds at 2k/4k and had to move from the cutoff with A8 I came up against AT and with 6799 on the board i had outs, but none of them materialised.

I will give it another go tonight, to try and get some more points on the board.


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