Monday, March 05, 2007

Objective 2i) completed.

Well I hoped more than anything that I would achieve one of my objectives in March. Well last night I did, but it wasn’t the one I was hoping it would be, the cashing at a live event, it was the final table of the £40k.

Before I talk about that, can I just say thank you to the people that have commented over the last few days, wishing me luck in Dortmund. It means a lot, to know there are a few people that would actually like to see me do well.

I will be completely honest with you (as I always am!), the reason I write this blog is in the hope that some people either learn something or get some enjoyment out of it. There is no greater sense of achievement that being able to help someone reach their goals or achieve something that was previously beyond reach.

However, just this once I will gladly take up all the luck that is being offered to me, as cashing in this event, is something that I would like to do for my family who have always encouraged me, my new poker community who have done nothing but help me, Littlewoods who have always supported me and for once in my life, I would love to do this for me. Something that one day I can tell my grandchildren about!

I don’t believe I am good enough or anywhere near experienced enough at this game to be in contention for winning this event, but if I play at my absolute top game for two days, I am capable of making the money.

For those of you who enquired about placing bets on me, I would urge you to save it! However if you still fancy it then, if you ask Betfair nicely, I am sure they will give you a price of at least 200-1.

Last nights play.
My confidence in my poker ability before yesterday was quite low. I had not picked up my game in the last few days as I wished and traditionally Sundays were poor. I picked out 3 games that I would play for the evening to try and help the preparation.
The £40k on Littlewoods, the $200k on the Prima network and a WSOP ($1.5k event) qualifier on Full Tilt.

I had only previously ventured onto Full Tilt once, but I liked the idea of qualifying for a WSOP side event. It definitely gives me the excuse I need to get over to Vegas! With two seats available and a $69 entry I felt it was good value for money. That was until my trips were busted by a runner runner straight and I crashed out in 20th, when I was working out whether I was going to move up into the top 4!

Still a good event, which I think I will come back to.

Next up was the Prima $200k. First prize $44k. I played a game on Crazy Poker once, where I cashed so I decided to keep using it, for my odd venture away from Littlewoods. I had never failed to cash on this site (okay only 3 games played – but it sounds impressive). This was a $50 rebuy event, with an incredible 1694 runners.
I had moved to 5.5k from my initial 2k stack at the first break and took the add-on to move to 7.5k.
I battled and fought and never moved above average chips. I did get up to 35k at one point. I ended up pushing my chips in with A8 to be called by K6. My 8 on the flop looked nice, but the 7 and the 5 that followed meant I lost to my second runner runner straight of the evening. $200 and 133rd place for me.

Off to the £40k, the tournament I could never make the final table in, until now.
I got off to a great start. Dealt JJ I called a raise and a call. Flop 56T. Two checks, so I bet and get two calls. Warning signs go up. Turn is a J. Two checks again, I bet and get reraised by KipsterDK, I push all in and get an immediate call. He has 55 and was slow playing a set. A river J gave me quads and the perfect start, doubling early doors.

I was really happy with the way I was playing, laying down hands when I knew it was right too and using my tight image to keep my stack nicely above average.

When I got to 30 people left, I had fallen towards the short stacks and called an all in with QQ, I was up against AK and it held. My one and only coin flip of the night and it held.

By time it got to 11 places, I was only in 9th. I got AK in the big blind and the small blind had AQ. The chips were always going in the pot and the K on the flop was perfect.
I had played some really good poker and had made my first final table. I had about 70k and was sitting in 7th place, but aside from the top 2, it was quite close.
The prize money for 10th is £650, but first is £11k, the steps are massive. I need to be selective, as the money matters!

Then after 5 and half hours, I have a rush of blood, make my first mistake of the night and end up out the tournament. I have lost late on to bad beats, but going out because of own mistake, hurts so much more.

I pick up JJ in 6th position, no action so far. MNY75 reraises on the button. Now this player is the loosest player on the table. So far tonight he had had 180k in chips and went down to 60k by raising and then folding to reraises. He had just doubled up again and had me covered.
Also for notes, is that he has knocked me out of this tournament 3 times this year alone, always to massive suckouts.

The fact that he reraised me and not the other way round should have told me he had a hand I needed to fold, but I couldn’t. I had JJ on the final table, a serial raiser is at it again. My final table aggressive instincts had kicked in and I could not fold. I moved all in, saw KK and saw an end to my tournament.

9 hours on, I still feel sick about my play.

Aside from the positive of making the final table for the first time, it also felt good to be playing well again. A real timely reminder just before the biggest week of my poker career, that I do have that ability to make the money in Dortmund. However one other important factor, I need to be at my best for the whole tournament and one mistake could end my dream.

The next couple of days, I will just keep my poker brain ticking over, playing a couple of small tournament, before flying out midweek.

I have been told that, I need a new photo! The new issue of Littlewoods Full House has gone out, with my photo from the Caribbean Poker Classic 2005 on it. I have had a lot of abuse about this one, so I promise to get a new one. I hope Littlewoods have some nice clothes to wear!

Since starting playing poker in June 2005 this is my
Main Event Live History to date.

World Series of Poker – Unplaced
Caribbean Poker Classic – Unplaced

World Series of Poker – Unplaced
English Amateur Championships – Unplaced
Caribbean Poker Classic – Unplaced

European Poker Tour Dortmund - ??????

Right that’s enough talk of Dortmund, I am already putting myself under enough pressure!

I wish everyone a successful week. I will have my laptop with me to give updates as we go, but if I can manage to link up with Blondepoker, hopefully they will kindly keep anyone that wants to know how I am doing informed.


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Dont worry about the dortmund thing.. I reckon u are probably better than 70% of the players there and you will cash if u get the cards!


been reading for a few months always entertaining.

Good luck - F-Badger