Wednesday, January 17, 2007

You know its not your night when.....

You are winning a MTT comfortably with 3 players left and your computer crashes and fails to reboot!

Yes its true in the $3k (prize pool $4.7k) tournament tonight, just about to wield the axe with AQ against the remaining short stacks and the computer just stops.
My 62k in chips disappear as I try to log back on.

Operating system not found.....

Oh my god, thats my computer knackered.
Somehow it eventually comes back on, (a lot of pleading with the computer gods!) the other two have been sharing my chips between them, how amicable of them!
19k left. I pick up Ak, perhaps there is justice - All in - called by KQ. There is no justice.

$564 instead of $1410. That my friends is damn sick.

I reached another final table in the £1.5k tonight, but crashed early when I ran into AA with my 99 on a 8 high flop.

In the leaderboard tournaments, I comfortably played my worst 3 games in forever. Although KK losing to K9 for 90% of my chips in the 8k did not help.

I am actually just relieved my computer is still working, I feared my hard drive was gone for a second.
Quick everything on the D:Drive!
To lose $900 because of a computer and then £2k to replace would have been too much to take.

2 Final tables is not bad for a nights work, but I still feel robbed of my 3 title of the year.

Amazingly relieved rather than tearing my hair out!

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