Saturday, January 20, 2007

You know its not your night when (part 3).....

You bubble for a seat in a major tournament for the second time in 3 days!
Once again QQ did me in as I move in with AJ.

I will win this seat - 3rd time lucky I am sure.

Things are not going well for me at the moment, I am getting my chips in with the best hand and they are simply not holding. I have lost 5 consecutive AK to AQ all preflop!

The leaderboard despite a cash in the £12k last night has continued on the downward trend. I am now sitting in 8th place. The good news remains that a top 3 in the £12k and I am back in the Monte Carlo seat.

There are still 6 days to go, so it is definitely still possible.

The Bad Beat tournament on Thursday was a poor week for the defending champions. I added some more points to our total, but without our star performer Jamie (FISHMAC) we would be in all sorts of trouble.


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