Tuesday, January 23, 2007

8th place and 3 days left

Two decent performances in the 8k and 4k last night earnt me some more points (39 for the night) and right in the thick of it.

I am realistically competiting for 6th place, with only 9 points seperating Threeaces, Straggler and myself. I am on 807 points. Those in 2nd through 5th all have over a thousand points so it will have to be a top 4 finish tonight in the £12k if I want to earn a Monte Carlo seat through this competition.

6th is worth $1k and compared to the $400 for 8th so that would be nice. However one big result would do it!

Straggler who is in 7th place has gone out early tonight, so a top 36 place would see me overtake him.

I also played the EPT qualifier last night and won a seat in saturdays E270 final for a seat at Monte Carlo.

Well done to Desh for moving into 2nd place in the leaderboard, Jamie (FISHMAC) for winning last nights $3k and also to Eyesight who has been having a great week.

Lets hope its a big night Tuesday once again.

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