Friday, January 05, 2007

Sunday Mail Article

Evening everybody.
Its been a promising start to the year and I am really enjoying playing at the moment.

I do feel another big win is not too far away.

The poker world continues to get bigger and better and the EPT has suddenly got two new tournamnents in this seasons tour. We now have EPT Dortmund and EPT Warsaw. Obviously no chance for me to play in them this year, but lets pencil them in for the future!

I am pleased to see Littlewoods is running another Leaderboard tournmanent, this time with the top two winning seats for the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo. This is up there as my priority tournament, so I am going to give this challenge everything, even if I am a walking zombie for the next 3 weeks!

I also had an email today from Littlewoods regarding an article in the new years eve edition of the Sunday mail.
Check it out for yourselves!

I love the fact I won the £12k the day after this was out!
Anyway I am settling down for a nights play after another exhausting week at work.
Good Luck to everyone I play.

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TheDeacon said...

I would firstly like to congratulate you on your recent sucesses!!..well done mate!.. I would just like to make a comment or 2 for what it's worth before you ever decide to go professional!...1.) Why change the winning combination that you enjoy at the moment?....the vast majority of online players are losing players and never come anywhere near to your success. 2.) Have you looked into the lifestyle that a full-time professional endures?..What about the time away from your wife and kids?.
3.) I read Chris MoneyMaker's book titled " Moneymaker" before this years WSOP....I think it is more a sad story than a happy one.. not only did he sell a half stake of his $2.5 million win before the tournament but his life was filled with boom-bust from an early age which culminated into having to, as he put it, "selling his soul to the devil", which basically meant he had to choose the gambling lifestlye of booze, gambling and women to his family life and wife. He chose the former! and divorced his wife shortly after his big win. Im not saying you would booze and womanize but the time away from home would take its toll! 4.) lastly, as an accountant I sincerely hope that you are/will, like many other top professionals, put money into sound investments ( like bricks and mortar) to ensure your longterm stability and security for you and your family!..anyway, Best wishes for 2007 mate!