Sunday, January 28, 2007

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Hey all,

I just wanted to make a couple of points following some recent comments. Please keep them coming by the way, always appreciated.

Firstly my comment reference 'one of the best players on the site', I am not big headed and often dismiss what I achieve, it is only when people remind me of what I have achieved in less than two years, that I realise, do you know what I have done well. For me the mid-month leaderboard was great test, I can't play every game, I have to balance a job, a young family and a love of poker. 6th whilst not second place, was a decent effort which I am proud of.

Also I am certain that most players could comfortably beat me at cash games and my single table game, whilst improving needs a lot more work.

My multi table game though is coming on leaps and bounds. I am not totally comfortable with it and know there is room for improvement. You have to keep learning at this game. Last night I was fourth in the Monte Carlo final, where if my AJ had beaten A8 and my 99 had beaten 55, then maybe just maybe I could have won that. I also know that for the last two hours of the game, I was completly card dead and relying on playing the opposition and not the cards. However many many congratulations to my good friend Sun_Deshi who secured his seat, after playing some fantastic final table play.

My second reference is regards the legends comment. I do not think for one second that I have achieved anything in this game worthy of legend status, however it is term we use amongst friends as recognition of anything we achieve, no matter what it is. It is lighthearted and not meant in any other way.

When I started playing I had one game and when people worked it out, people knew how to play me. I have adapted my game to situations and players and believe I can hold my own. I have also never played under any other name, I have nothing to hide, if you can outplay then good luck to you, but I will continue to try to improve my game.

I will never be a flamboyant character of poker, my game is about preparation, numerical ability and strategy, but mark my words I will keep trying to improve my game. I am having a great time with the game and enjoying my progress.

Please keep the comments coming, positive or negative I can only learn from then.


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