Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Leaderboard Reaches Halfway

10 days of the 20 gone and I have slipped to 6th place. Just the one small cash in the last 3 days has now left me with work to.

Unfortunately the 2nd place spot looks firmly on the way to Filleter, who when I went to bed last night was comfortably winning the £8k.
I am now 300pts behing 2nd place, which is a top 3 finish in the £12k.

I believe I need another 500pts to take 2nd place and my quest starts tonight. Although I am incredibly tired at the moment and feel I will probably get better towards the end of the week. Anything more than the 9pts you get for just playing will be a bonus tonight!

1) logitech 1093.25
2) Filleter 914.6
3) Straggler 665.45
4) Threeaces 660.45
5) Costy 622.75
6) ClintonO 608.77

The prize money for 6th slips to $1k from $1.8k for 5th and falls to $200 for 10th! I really need to sort this out. (Starting with the £8k tonight - I have just crashed from the £12k - where I played officially rubbish!) As much as I hate to say it, maybe an early night is on the cards!

Fingers crossed for a great week!

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