Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Nothing for two weeks - Now two in a Day!

Well its about time I let you know my objectives for the year. At this point, I am still undecided about my career, do I make poker a more prominent part (degree, MBA, 13 years in the FMCG world – most at a senior level – believe me it’s a difficult decision to make, especially for a Cancerian (we don’t do change))

This years objectives revolve around live poker, something I do very infrequently and at the moment am no good at! Well I bubbled in the $500 at St.Kitts in 2005, so there is a bit of potential, but so far no good!

At the moment if you look me up on the internet on poker pages or the Hendon mob web sites, you will see no record of me, how is that possible I hear you ask!? (lol!) Well I have never cashed in a big live tournament.

Now I could happily stay online and continue to make great strides, but I can not refuse a challenge. This year I want to set myself up for the 2008 live scene.

I am very excited by the Grosvenor and Gala (separate) poker tours and want to take part in them. To play the complete tour I will have to wait until 2008, so my aim is to get established enough that I can do this.

I will play in as many significant events as I can and will try to qualify for as many of those as possible.
This year I would like to take part in at least one EPT, UKPT, GBPT, APAT and WSOP event!

Objective 1) – Cash in a major live event.

My first realistic target is the EPT in Deauville (France) in February. My first EPT event and my first significant tournament in Europe.

It is vital for my poker future that I am able to switch my success from online to live poker and also vital that I do not put myself under excess pressure to do so with silly statements like I just made!

As soon as I know exactly what I am doing with my career, I can see how many live events I can try to qualify for. Needless to say any success achieved in Deauville will greatly enhance my prospects of playing more.

So what about online, I have won every tournament on the Littlewoods site except one, the Sunday night £40k, in fact I am still to make the final table.

Objective 2i) – Make the final table of the £40k
Objective 2ii) – Win the Sunday £40k

I am hoping that this will not continue to elude me!

It is vital for me to keep improving and learning at this game, as the influx of new people continue and they continue to get better. So what can I set myself as objectives, well I have to improve at each area and that includes MTT, STT and Cash games, therefore I need objectives in each.

Objective 3 MTTS) - To win 10 online tournaments in 2007
To Final Table in 40 online tournaments
To cash in 20% of all tournaments played
To achieve a profit of £40k

Objective 3 STTS) - To achieve a sharkscope profit of £5k
To move my sharkscope ROI to 5%
To move my £20 & £30 sharkscope ROI into positive territory

Objective 3 Cash) - To achieve a profit of £5k
To make a profit of 500 big blinds at each level I play
.15/.25 - £125
.25/.5 - £250
.5/1 - £500
1/2 - £1000
2/5 - £2500

Objective 4 Qualifiers) – These are vital for my plans in 2007, I must play in more live events.
This list will be a ridiculously tough target to achieve and I will have to play occasionally on unfamiliar sites to achieve it however these are my aims.

Feb – EPT Deauville
Mar – Asian Poker Classic *
Mar/Apr - Monte Carlo Millions
Apr - Paddy Power Irish Open *
May - GBPT Nottingham
Jul - WSOP
Aug - UKPT Luton
Sep - EPT Barcelona
Nov - CPC (or equiv)
Jan - Aussie Millons

The two that are have asterisk may not be achievable purely through work reasons.

Objective 5) Defend our Bad Beat dream Team title.

Quite simply I am captain and therefore it is my responsibility to ensure success for the team and defend the title we won last year.
Winning is the only measurement here.

These objectives will be added to throughout the course of the year, but for now they are plenty.

My next objective is to find a flat screen HDTV to spend my winnings from last night on.

Take care

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Bluelight said...

''I called an all in button raise from the other short stack with A7 and lost to J5''.......that was me, i was short, but there was too much in there to pass at that time..but have to say i got lucky,just as you did, when i made the same play to pick up your blind with K J vs K9,...but really i just wanted to say, well played last night