Saturday, February 03, 2007

Updated Events on Crypto

Both UK Betting and Wm Hill must have taken notice of my comment, that they had nothing going on, as they now both have promos for Feb.

UK Betting are offering £100 for 1000 MPPs generated. This is less value though than the current schemes on Inter Poker and Parbet, although if you can generated 1000MPPs fairly easily it may be worth having.

Wm Hill have followed Sun Pokers lead and are now having a similiar WSOP Promotion. Whereby their top ten MPP earners between Feb and May can win themselves money for Vegas.
If you are a big cash player and have missed out on the Sun promo, this may be worth your time.

Today I will playing the $100k on Mansion at 6pm. This will be a great value tournament with a great overlay.

This will be alongside the £12k and Monte Carlo Final on Littlewoods.



AlexB said...

I noticed you in the Mansion lineup - what happened? 10th to bomb out!! Have to agree its the best value tourney on the web with many Crypto guys there - Noseyboy, Dewi Cool, UPRAYWELL, and more. For £50 and a first place of £12k its fantastic (came 3rd last week for £5.5k). I will say though that its a tourney to play the players so multi-ing isnt the best idea with this one. Good luck next time m8. AlexB

Tasida said...

Good for people to know.