Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Starting Over

Poker is one of things that is hard to get right.
You need to play reguarly to give you confidence in your game, yet you need confidence to play your optimum game.

Thats why when your playing well and confident, you should not stop playing!

Right now for me its about rebuilding that confidence.
Since I have started playing again, its gone ok. I played a dozen or so tournaments a couple of weeks back and won 4 of them. Now these were not big tournaments, but they helped me believe that I can still play this game.

I have played 4 small tournaments this week since leaving my job, I have had 3 FTs and bubbled in one, so I believe that the basics are there. I even won a STT! lol!

Today I am going to play some more and see what happens.
I have made one fundamental change to my game and that is to believe in myself a little more.
I have in the past been a little cautious, but one thing I have learnt during this year is that you can play everything perfectly and still end up a loser.

So there is no point being afraid to lose. I don't mean by playing recklessly or not folding when you don't have the real or implied odds to do carry on, but by backing your beliefs. I will still play my game, but I will trust my instincts a lot more and if that means going out first hand or on the bubble, then so be it.

A quick thank you already to the guys that have wished me well. I would love to catch up with you all soon, let me know how you are getting on and what you have been doing.

Right now for me, the aim is get some poker minutes in before the Caribbean, which incredibly is only 3 days away!

If you see me on the tables, don't forget to say hi!



Game101 said...

great attitude! and welcome back!

TheDeacon said...

Hi Clinton, Some of us are wondering what you meant by saying that you have lost most of what meant anything to you...What ever has happened?...Lost job?...lost wife?...Sincere regards mate....Joe

ClintonO said...


Thanks for your comment, unfortunately yes to both!

Finished work last week and looking to find somewhere to buy a house and begin the starting over process!

Take Care