Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No defence of the title!

It's no back to back titles for me!

On Monday it was the $330 and $440 tournaments, the tournaments that I reached the final table in last year and won the $440. Well not this year!

I don't think I have ever played as well live as I did in the $330, moving from 3k starting stack to 11k at the end of level 3 and up to 16k at the end of level 5. I even had pocket kings and won, I think thats a new record for me at the CPC. However it all went horribly wrong with a big blind special that lost to Aces.

I was feeling good as the $440 tournament arrived later that evening. Only to find myself amongsts crypto legends as Westpark and Denlizliz.
I had a real up and down first few levels and had slipped to about 2.5k of my original 4k, when I raised with KJ. I had one caller and the board was KKA.

I was hoping to somehow to get my chips in the middle and incredibly they did. However I did not put him on KQ! and that was the end of that one!

I decided to play a sit n go, whilst I was waiting for a few other players and made a decision to play the exact opposite of how I should!
It went very wrong in the first hand after I was messing about with 95, but I decided to continue with my backwards tactics.

With just 750 chips left, I raised to 125 with 73 from 2nd position. One caller and then a raise to 375. I decided to flat call half my stack.
The flop comes 7J3 and he puts me all in. He turns over AA and the turn was then a 3 giving me a full house.
I continued this tactic, calling two short stacks all in with 46 off and knocked them both out after hitting trip fours.
I even manage to reraise all in and win with 72 against a monster 85!

I eventually came 3rd after I started playing properly, should have folded AJ preflop!

Who says there is no luck in poker!! I just have to decide whether to pursue this tactic further!

Yesterday was a non-playing day, so I spent the day in the gym and spa before having a few drinks later on.

I have not made up my mind about cruises yet, the weather is really overcast and I keep spending money! The good thing is that there are so many good people on this trip and almost everyone is here to enjoy themselves. So I will reserve my judgement for now.

Tonight it is the 2nd supersatellite, $270 entry, $100 rebuy and $100 double add-on.
Thursday is beach poccer and the $550.

I will update this again on Friday and hope that my ambition to be the number one poker player with the surname Orchard in the world has not been shattered for this year!!


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Paul BL said...

Go go go - win win win......

ps - this is not time for experiments!!