Monday, November 17, 2008

Caribbean Poker Classic - The Cruise

Well CPC V is upon is and this is my fourth consectutive visit to the tournament.

This year it is on a cruise ship called Freedom of the Seas.

I flew out to Miami on Saturday and had a day there, half to say from what I saw I am liking Miami a lot!
Boarded the ship Sunday Afternoon - wow what a ship, absolutely incredible. There is literally everything you can think of on this ship!
Although I must say, it could be a little calmer! Either the entire ship is drunk or these seas are stormy!

The first tournament was tonight the $270 qualifier in the main event. This however was a little different to planned as they introduced rebuys for $100 and a double add-on for another $100, so it effectively might as well have been a $470 freezeout.

I dont know how many players we started with but there was 135 rebuys and 85 add ons, so I am guessing a little over a hundred.

I lasted until the end of level 6. The first 3 levels were generally very tight, most raises got through. I played a number of speculative hands, but never really made much progress, moving between 1500-3500 in chips.
I lost a few at the end of level 3 with my only pair of the day 33. Got called by T9 on a 642 board. Turn T river T. lol

So at the first break I had 2k, plus my 3k addon.

At level 4 a new player arrived on the table and bet every single hand. With blinds at 100-200, he raised to 1100, I put him all in with JT, he thought for ages and folded KJ!
Following he played every hand, which made poker a little difficult, but he only lasted 2 levels.

In level six with Antes up at 50 and blinds at 200/400 it was becoming expensive. I raised with QT in the cutoff for the short stack to move all in. I could not fold for the amount and faced AJ. However every card was 9 or under. This left me crippled and when I pushed at the first available opportunity I was called by 55 and AK and that was it.

So a slow start, but with two tournaments tomorrow, I am hoping to do a lot better.
I am blaming tonight on exhaustion and this ship!


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Paul B-L said...

good luck man, thinking of you raking those chips in and wish I was there!