Thursday, November 20, 2008

A caribbean peformance!

Last night was the satellite for the main cpc event.

I thought I would give it a go and see what happens.

I decided that I should try and do things differently. Instead of being quiet at the table, I thought I would change my table image and get involved.
I was buying the table drinks and generally just trying to have a lot of fun whilst I was playing.

I definitely annoyed a few people! But I had decided to represent a certain image and therefore had to go along with it. So a quick apology to anyone I upset, I was just acting out a role!

So onto the game, there were 12 seats available for the main event and I am very happy to say that I managed to win my $2700 seat and $10!

The hand that set me up was when I had AK in the big blind. There was one raiser mid position, a reraise from the cutoff and I decided to push.
The original raiser folded and after a while the cutoff called with KQ. I was suprised at his hand but delighted when the board did not bring a Q.
From that moment, I just did what I needed to do to win a seat. It got a bit tense for everyone with 14 left, as the short stacks kept doubling, but eventually 12 remained and we all got seats.

So tomorrow I will be sitting down a the main event.
Its the $550 tonight, so I will playing in that one later tonight.



AlexB said...

Nice one mate - same tactics for the main event? GL to you in that - it's surely your turn!

Andy said...

Nice one mate - good luck for tmrw :)

Anonymous said...

You are my hero

Anonymous said...

lol u acted like a fool