Tuesday, November 25, 2008

So that was the Caribbean

The CPC is over, forever or just another year is yet to be decided, but what a week.

So many great people and a lot of fun, but as for another cruise, thats not on my agenda.

So the rest of the week, I played the $500 and not the $1000. However I did not last long I could not lay down KK preflop and lost to AA.

The main event I did a lot better, but ended up going out in 31st place. Marky himself knocking me out calling my all in with 77, I had A8. Flop gave an Ace first card, but also a 7 and that was effectively it!

I did however do some good business, doing deals with Mark and also David Lloyd, who ended up 4th and 1st respectively. David played superbly all week and was a worthy winner.

Its a shame I could not also cash, but the small percentages in each of them, will provide some much needed funds to get the bankroll going for this attempt at playing poker. I look forward to receiving them so I can get cracking.

I have to thank Bruce at Littlewoods for again being so hospitable and also to Tony Cascarino, Michael Greco, Martin James and Dave Johnson who were great company all week, despite having to put up with me!!

I also ran a Beach Poccer tournament, which was a lot of fun, although the football section was played with the smallest goals in the world, meaning the highest scoring game was 1-0!

Photos and results will be on the website shortly.

So what have I learnt this week about poker.
Some players will play any two cards, some people are much better live than online, whilst others are much better the other way around.

Live Poker is a slow game, in the second level of the main event we played 8 hands in 45 minutes, thats not even a full orbit.

Some tables were serious, some were a fantastic laugh, but like online poker the fundamentals are still the same.

At the end of the day its about your table perception, position and your confidence levels.

So whats next for me, well I still have a lot of stuff to sort out over the next couple of months, before I can settle down full time at this game.

I still want to qualify for these big events, I love vegas to pieces, but my main aim, is to get good enough to have a good stab at the EPT Monte Carlo event. In the meantime its about earning enough money to keep myself going.

I wish everyone all the best, there were some fantastic players in the Caribbean and getting better at this game is going to be very difficult as everyone keeps improving.

All the best everyone.

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