Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Final Post

It is with great sadness that I have decided to end my poker blog.

The main aim of my blog has always been to help others and to give an insight into the world of poker and try to help others on this difficult path.

It seems that no matter how hard you try to help, there are plenty of anonymous people that want to shoot you down, regardless of what the circumstances or how you try to help people make a living from what is ultimately a very difficult game.

I wish all my friends in poker a very prosperous time.
I would also like to thank Mark Phillips aka _Marky_ who made a deal with me in the final event at the CPC for sticking to his word and paying me the percentage we agreed. It goes to show there is class in the poker playing world.
I hope David Lloyd the winner of the CPC shows the same class in coming forward with the 5% deal we agreed.

I have really enjoyed writing this blog as I know there are a number of people who have benefited greatly from my posts.

I apologize to Denlizliz for not posting our heads up match where he completely destroyed me, but I can't find the hand historys. If I manage to get hold of them, I will post them as a one off.

Please enjoy your poker and play within your means.

If anyone wishes to contact me for any advice or just to talk about poker then please email me on

I wish everyone the best of luck and I hope to see all my friends again soon.

Take care one and all


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about you finishing your blog fella for one ive always found it a good read.It seems you have other things on your mind at present I hope everything turns out ok.As for Mr Lloyd I hope u get your % but bear in mind this is the same guy who when congratulated by Mark turned round and thanked him for doubling him up three times VERY CLASSY ! PS I was joking about the HU report i just got lucky !!! Denlizliz

Anonymous said...

Wow, I was hoping you were back for good. I've been a reader of your blog for some time, and found your successes an inspiration. Thanks & good luck for the future.

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is really sad. I can honestly say, before meeting you guys, I didnt have a clue on how to play mtts. So you and this blog have helped no end, in teaching me the game, and developing my own style.

Your blogs are always a joy to read, and provide a really good insight into how different people play in various situations, So sad to see it go. Hope to see speak to you soon, and good luck at the tables.


Anonymous said...

clinton you must update whether you get your 5% as agreed.
i find this very disturbing if someone does not pay up.
surely he has been in touch?


Anonymous said...

Please have a re-think on finishing your blog!!! Regards, Joe.....( The Deacon )

Amatay said...

srsly r u that bovved about anon comments. I get abused all the time, makes me laugh. If u enjoy writing this shit then continue to do so m8, gl

Ukgatsby said...

Good blog
keep it going

Anonymous said...

THEFORCE you're a fish

Marky said...


dont give up now- this should at least provide some sanity in your upside down world. Hope you get your % off of Doc Lloyd as a deal is a deal. Speak soon.



Anonymous said...

It is a shame that the vocal minority has chased you away from your blog which I enjoyed reading. Good luck with the new direction your life seems to be taking, I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

Best regards

Anonymous said...

Hi Clinton - DL here - hope you are well... My feet haven't hit the ground yet!! I just wanted to say that I have not forgotten about our deal, and that I wont let you down. I am, afterall, a man of my word, and no I'm not bluffing (this time, lol). Since I've been back I bumped into Marky (online) and a few others who were there too... We'll have to work out a way to ship money about!! Hope to speak soon. DocLloyd

Jamie McNally said...

This Blog will be surely missed!

Your Online friend.



Anonymous said...

Whatever happens I wish you all the best for the future with whatever hand life deals to you. Take care, keep in touch.