Sunday, January 13, 2008

Final Table madness

Its five final tables in five nights now and six for the year, but still no win to speak of.

Last night it was the £2k for the second consecutive night and this time a 3rd place finish. I got my chips in with KQ but ran into AQ. I could have held on for 2nd but I wanted to push for the win.

I also made the money in the $20k last night, but ran into Aces and that was the end of that.

It feels like the same old story most nights this week, so the blog is probably getting boring. A few tournaments, a few hours of griding, a final table and an a small amount of profit.

I need to get a good finish in one of the bigger events to kick start my profit quest for the year.

Reviewing my figures, % tournaments cashed has fallen slightly to 29%, but % final tables is now in double figures. Despite one night out of the money the $4.5k is still number one on my tournament favourites. I am currently at number 30 in the monthly leaderboard. I am really pleased with this, getting any higher will prove difficult.

A few congratulations are in order, firstly Fenners_1 who is a regular poccer attendee and part of the Poccer gang off to Vegas at the end of June, won two tournaments last night, the $1.5k and then the £1.5k later on. Nice work.

Congratulations once again to Mr Mihai Manole for taking down thw $20k a couple of nights ago and also Kai (aka Menace) for making his first $20k final table.

Good work all round guys.

I will be playing my first £40k of the year tonight, so I am hoping for a big performance.


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