Friday, January 04, 2008

2008 2 playing days in.

Well 2 days into playing in 2008 and it has been a steady start.

One final table so far - 4th in my favourite $4.5k
Two consecutive cashes in the $20k, an 11th and 12th and a cash in the $13k.

I have withdrawn £200 from those performances to get my profit for the year into postive territory!



TheDeacon said...

All good stuff mate...I was wondering if you could discuss bankroll management at some point...for instance..How much money did you start playing with?..How did you choose what games to play in?....How much were you prepared to lose?..How long before you won?..When you win, how much do you withdrawl?.. Keep up the great blog of luck for 2008


CCC said...

Hi Clinton0,

Enjoyed your blog. Like you I am 34 and a Cancer, however I think that where the similarity ends! I just wanted some advice on playing the game and maximising any profit I may make. How often do you play? Just MTT's? Do you stick to the same tournies each week? I fin my main problem is doing well in the MTT's but then blowing it all on cash.

Have a good one.


AlexB said...

A respectable start - here's to a successful 2008 mate - keep up the great blog!