Wednesday, January 09, 2008

3 final tables in 4 days

Last night I saw my biggest individual tournament payout of the year (£379.33) and narrowly missed out on my first win of the year when I finished 2nd in the £2.5k headhunter.

I did not have much of a chance heads up as I was 220k to 30k behind. I managed one double up and got to 70k but when A8 split with A5 I new it was going to be tough. I eventually went out when pushing with an ace, but lost to a higher kicker.

The vast majority of the winnings reamins in my poker account, but have taken enough out to get my profit up to £1k for the year.

I am still not playing at my best and making mistakes, so I am happy to be getting some good results. I will continue to work on my game and address some of the issues.

I am hoping to finalise the Poccer 4 event tonight, so full details will be up shortly.

Good Luck

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